Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela are an acoustic guitar playing duo from Mexico. The way that they play their guitars is magical. I went and saw them a couple summers ago at the Mile High Music Festival. I had no idea who they were or what to expect, all I knew was that I was hearing a sick cover of the White Stripes Seven Nation Army. As I moved closer to the stage, I realized that it was two people, a man and a women, playing acoustic guitars. I could not believe it. I thought there had to at least be a drummer or some sort of percussion up there, but then I realized that they make the beat with their guitars. Watching Gabriela is amazing, I don’t even understand how her hands are playing the music. It

Pretty Lights - Glowing in the Darkest Night

Once again, Pretty Lights has come out with a new EP, Glowing In The Darkest Night. The third installment of their summer EP series, and their 6th album. This one is a little more chill, but still has some groovin’ beats. They played Gold Coast Hustle when they played at North Coast Festival In Chicago. It was pretty cool that a small Colorado band could have such a strong following in Chicago, and its even greater that they recognized it and created a song about Chicago. Although I’m sure that not many people outside of the Chi will even realize that the song is about Chicago, but for those of us who live in the Gold Coast, I know we’re all proud!! With only 8 tracks on the album it’s hard

Bassnectar 10/23/10 Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center

Last weekend I traveled to Broomfield, CO to attend the first annual BassFest. Included in the performers were That One Guy, Emancipator, Dan Deacon, Brother Ali, and the headliner, BASSNECTAR. The whole festival was pretty cool, there were people walking around on stilts dressed up like zebras and butterflies. There were so many people there, and I ran into sooooo many old friends, it was insane. That One Guy – if you haven’t heard of him, I’d say his name is a pretty good description of himself. “Did you see That One Guy who plays that crazy magical pipe instrument?” O ya, did I mention that he plays this CRAZY instrument that he made called his magical pipe. Its pretty cool, I don’t quite

Deadmau5 Live @ The Congress Theater, Chicago 10/22/10

I’ve seen Deadmau5 four times now. The first time was Lollapalooza two years ago where he played at set at the Perry Stage. I was just getting into that kinda music at the time, and the show really brought me in. He is just so good at knowing when to drop the beat, its hard not to get pulled in and start whomping. The second time I saw him was at the Congress last year which is such a big venue but he really held it down in Chicago. Then I saw him at Coachella where he busted out the CUBE for the first time. I was wayy to close to the front to really appreciate the cube, but hey I still managed to have an awesome time. Anyways, last weekend I was lucky enough to go see Deadmau5 again at the

Goldfish - Get Busy Living

I’ve mentioned this band before, but I just cant shut up about them. They are SERIOUSLY one of my favorite bands right now. And theyre not your typics group. They hail from South Africa and they compose a beat like its nobody’s business. They have a HUGE following on the other side of the world, it amazes me that they havent made it super big in the states yet. They just released their third album, Get Busy Living, and the video above is a preview of their genius. I love their videos, they are always so creative and fun. But I love their music even more because its just so original and catchy and just draws you right in. Barefoot Joe, Humbug, In Too Deep, My Rainbow, and obviously the title

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