shows I’ve been to this winter (2011)

Deadmau5 @ Congress Theater, Chicago Deadmau5 is always epic. This was my second time seeing him at the Congress and that place is just so huge it is really great to see him there, inside his LED cube, so crazy. And everyone in Chicago gets really into making mau5 heads, its pretty crazy! Sam Adams, Savoy, Skrillex Now this was a fun week. Going to three shows three days in a row during a week while I was working may not have been the best idea, but the shows were all really fun. Savoy obviously was great, and Skrillex really threw down hard for being in such a small venue. STS9, New Years I could not have asked for a better way to spend my new years than at the STS9 show. It was so great to

STS9 @ Summer Camp Music Festival 2011

We got to Summer Camp just in time to see STS9 perform. After we set up our tent and got all settled, we headed over to the main stage not knowing what to expect. It was night time and really dark so we had no idea where we were or where we were going, but we just followed the crowd over to this HUGE stage that was at the bottom of this hill. STS9 came out and started out strong. THe lights were amazing, the crowd was really feeling it and loving it. There was a whole group of hula hoopers whose hulas were all lit up so you could just see all these different spinning lit up circles. It was pretty magical. By the end I wasnt even really sure what was going on. It felt like we were all in the

Summer Camp 2011

Summer Camp Music Festival may very well be the best festival I have ever been to. It was over Memorial Day Weekend in Chillicothe, IL which is about three hours south of Chicago. So Friday, May 27th we got in the car and drove down through farmland all the way to Three Sisters Park. We got there a little bit late on Friday so we were only able to make it to the last shows, but wow were they great. First we saw Umphrey’s McGee play at set, followed by STS9 on the big main stage which was so amazing, and then another round of Umphrey’s. Saturday we started our day off right, with some music. It rained a little big in the morning so we hid in our tents a little bit listening to the Rebirth Bra

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