Savoy ‘XX Intro’

Intro by the XX has always been an epic introductory song. The beat really builds and brings up the anticipation by the crowd. And while many people have remixed it in their own way to start their sets, no one has remixed it quite as awesome as Savoy. The first time I ever heard their version of Intro was at the Snow Ball Music Festival in Avon, CO this past spring. And that was the first time Savoy brought out their epic LAZERS. And boy what a show that was. But Savoy recently opened up for STS9 at Red Rocks and I just knew that the combo of the amphitheater and the lazers was going to be legendary. So when Savoy opened up their set with Intro, I knew that this show was going to blow everyb

STS9 Red Rocks Amphitheater 2011

This past weekend, Sound Tribe Sector 9 and all of their fans invaded Red Rocks Amphitheater for two nights. Every year, the Georgia based band brings their guitar, bass, keyboards, drumsets, and of course their laptops to create a unique one of a kind electronic rock show to the beautiful outdoor amphitheater. Friday night, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg opened the show. Even though Snoop and STS9 could not be further apart in terms of genre, everyone went wild. It’s hard not to enjoy Snoop and his posse and how bedazzled microphone. But after Snoop’s set, fans were stoked when STS9 opened up with Artifact, which blended into Arigato. They also played crowd favorites such as Be Nice, Empires,

STS9 @ The Congress Theater - North Coast Festival Afterparty - 9/2/11

After the first day of the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, STS9 played an after show with Big Gigantic at the Congress Theater. Colorado natives Big Gigantic opened up for Soundtribe and played quite an awesome set. With their combination of saxophone and electronic beats they are really a quite unique group with a lot of soul. But recently they have been exploring a little bit more into the dubstep world, getting a little bit heavier, but at the same time keeping to their roots with the beautiful addition of the sax. STS9 took the stage right after, opening up their set with Rent, Be Nice, a song off of their newest album Golden Gate, then Tooth, and Instantly. Then they brought up D

North Coast Music Festival 2011 - A Summary

North Coast Music Festival. This year was its second year and boy did it grow since last year. Last year tickets were only $75, this year they were $95 and had even more bands. I was so excited to go back this year since I had so much fun at it last year. It is definitely the smallest festival I have ever been to, but it really packs in a bit punch. This year the headliners were David Guetta, STS9, and Bassnectar. Day 1: Friday We started the first day off a little bit late, getting there just in time for Lotus. This was my first time seeing Lotus, even though they have been at a lot of festivals that I have gone to, somehow I always managed to miss them. But I was so excited to go see them

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