Summer never really seems to start until I go to Red Rocks. My first show at the rocks this summer was Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) on June 16th. Usually STS9 makes their annual trip to this iconic music venue at the end of the summer, sometimes not until late into September, but this year they came early. Performing the Great Cycle Spectacles, a series of one of kind performances celebrating the end and beginning of the Mayan calendar cycle, they combine a killer light show with an intricate Mayan pyramid that displays images of space and nature. STS9 came out to begin their first set wearing matching white shirts and white pants. The band normally wears black, but this all white ensemble ma

Summer Camp Music Festival 2012 - REVIEW

Summer Camp Music Festival is definitely one of my favorite festivals. The fact that you can camp within the festival is so prime. The atmosphere is also so amazing, all of the people are really there for the music and to make friends and have an epic experience. My favorite part are all of the totems. I have never seen so many totems before, but it seems like everyone who attends summer camp must spend lots of time thinking up and creating some amazing and hilarious totems that represent their group. Some of the totems have been there every year, for example: Megaman, Transformers, Jelly Fish Umbrellas, etc. It is just so much fun to see all of these crazy different sticks and flags bouncin

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