Justin Timberlake took his 20/20 Experience Tour through California over Thanksgiving and did not di

As the lights were brought down, the screams from the audience got louder. Not just louder, but the loudest screams and cheers I have ever heard at a show. Perhaps it is his falsetto voice or his sexy suit and tie, but he has some really dedicated fans, from the young teeny-boppers of today, to the past teeny-boppers of the 90s who remember him as the frontman for N*Sync. And all of these ladies have some pipes and screamed their hearts out throughout the entire show, interspersed of course with singing all of the lyrics to everyone of his songs. JT and a full band featuring horns, piano, drums, guitar, back-up singers, and back-up dancers, rose up from under the stage for a dramatic start.

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