Ralph Steadman on Charlie Hebdo, the Right to Offend and Changing the World

Ralph Steadman is an amazing cartoonist who is most famous for his collaborations with writer Hunter S. Thompson. Newsweek interviewed him recently about the Charlie Hedbo situation, since he too has made some political and offensive cartoons. I thought I would share his remarks. The article is pretty long, so I am posting some highlights from the interview. (However if you would like to read the entire thing, here is the link.) We were sitting in a bar in Aspen, Colorado, almost 20 years ago, I remind Ralph Steadman, when he first told me that he’d become a cartoonist because he wanted to change the world. It wasn’t the first time he’d made this declaration and it wouldn’t be the last. “I

We Are But Seeds of Social Change

I saw this awesome mural in Denver over the weekend and it made me think about our class. I am writing my final paper on graffiti as a platform for activism, so this particular mural really stood out to me. It is taken from a quote from Chicano poet Cesar A. Cruz: "I'm not important; we are but seeds of social change. Our role is a simple one; To comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable. Nothing more, and nothing less!" The street artist behind this mural, Jolt, collaborated with teachers and students to create this meaningful masterpiece. The city of Denver runs an organization called the Urban Arts Fund, which allows for youth to find a positive outlet for their creative expressi

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