Scotland Golf

St. Andrews Golf

I have been following my fiancé around the world, stopping at all the golf courses along the way. While in St. Andrews during the British open, we were able to visit a few different golf courses nearby. Including at our hotel, the Torrence Course at the Fairmont.

Highlands Golf

As we traveled north into the Highlands of Scotland, we stopped at a few golf courses along the shores of the sea. Brora, Tain, Nairn, and Dornoch to name a few. We even found a few old castles and some furry highland cattle.

Hickory Golf

We got to play golf on this redesigned 1920's course with the original hickory wooden clubs. The five clubs we used were a Spoon, a Driving Iron, a Mid Mashie, a Mashie Niblick and a Putter. Even the ball and tees we used were from that decade. The course lies on the property of the Hill of Tarvit Mansion and a beautiful rose garden overlooks the entire course. A few sheep even found their way onto the fairways.

k krunk photo