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PRETTY LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta say this is definitely my favorite band right now. In the past year I have seen then 10 times. The first time they opened for STS9 at Red Rocks last July. After that I was totally hooked. Next they played Labor Day weekend in Aspen, and one of the guys from the Black Eyed Peas came on stage and rapped with them, it was pretty cool. Next I saw them at the Congress in Chicago, and considering the duo is from Colorado, they had a pretty big following in the windy city. Next I saw them in the winter in Denver at the Ogden. Everyone from my school made the trip up to denver and rocked out in the front row. The next day they dropped their third album, Passing Behind Your Eyes. Their first two albums are Filling Up The City Skies and Taking Up Your Precious Time. Then they played 5 days in Colorado over spring break, 1 night in Fort Collins, 2 in Boulder, 2 in Denver. All nights were completely sold out. I didn’t make it to all 5, but I did go the first night in Boulder and the first night in Denver. Both shows were totally awesome and they played new songs from their 4th album Making Up A Changing Mind. Then I saw them at Coachella Music Festival in California where they played at the Sahara tent on the first day. It was crazy to see all of their fans in Cali. Then right after my graduation, my cousin Matthew Tapper turned 21 and launched his new vodka called EPIC and had a private Pretty Lights show in Denver. That show was seriously crazy…so crazy in fact that I tore my ACL dancing too hard. Woops. But once that was all taken care of and healed up, I went to see PL at the same place where I saw them for the first time, RED ROCKS. god what an amazing venue, seriously I am always in awe every time I go there. At this show, like always, I was dancin right in the front row. Zion I opened for them, then they played a chill set for an hour, then MIMOSA played (which was seriously awesome) and then they came back on stage and rocked out for like 3 more hours. And then right at the very end of the show, when they started to play FINALLY MOVING (everyones favorite song) the rain started to fall, it was pretty magical. And since 9 is an uneven number, I obviously had to go see them again at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago. They played an awesome set, including a special song about Chicago. God what an amazing show. So thats it, 10 times. But Im not gonna stop there, they are returning to Aspen on December 5th to yet another sold out show at the Belly Up and I WILL BE THERE!!!! god i cant wait, this band is so fucking amazing.

So if you wanna jump on the Pretty Lights bandwagon, then check out their website where you can download all of their music for free. Including their newest Spilling Over Every Side, as well as 2 tracks from their New Years Eve show in Chicago last year, which they will be doing again this year. CHECK IT OUT at

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