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Goldfish - Get Busy Living

I’ve mentioned this band before, but I just cant shut up about them. They are SERIOUSLY one of my favorite bands right now. And theyre not your typics group. They hail from South Africa and they compose a beat like its nobody’s business. They have a HUGE following on the other side of the world, it amazes me that they havent made it super big in the states yet.

They just released their third album, Get Busy Living, and the video above is a preview of their genius. I love their videos, they are always so creative and fun. But I love their music even more because its just so original and catchy and just draws you right in. Barefoot Joe, Humbug, In Too Deep, My Rainbow, and obviously the title track Get Busy Living are some of my favorites off the album.

Their first album, Caught In The Loop, has my all-time favorite song, The Real Deal, and I even included it on the soundtrack of one of my videos (‘Electric Koolaid’). It’s a little more chill than the other albums, but some of my other fav tracks are Mbira Beat and From Zanzibar With Love.

Their second album, Perceptions of Pacha, is probably my favorite of the bunch. A little more upbeat than their first, but still holding true to those african roots. I don’t think I can do a better job explaining the album than their website does, so heres the info:

Good DJ’s and Musicians always start their sets by creating a mood; setting the tone that will define what’s to come. ‘Sold my Soul’, Goldfish’s opening track does just that as the subtly filtered beat meanders in and out for a few bars before dropping into the most gorgeous, effortless groove and you know you’re in for a groovylicious ride that simply makes you want to cry with joy. Do I sound like I’m gushing? Goldfish will do that to you. They’ll make you want to hug the stranger dancing next to you and say, “man, Africa… I just love this place.” A good artist album is a cohesive body of work. The Goldfish groove sticks like superglue! From laidback to downright funked up, electro tinged boogie music, when the disc finishes you’re gonna want to press replay.

Check out these tracks: Sold My Soul, This Is How It Goes, Fort Knox, Hold Tight, Cruising Through, Soundtracks and Comebacks…..well basically just this entire albums is fucking awesome.

So essentially you NEED to check out their website and download all of their albums, you will NOT be disappointed. They also have a couple other albums to download on their site that are remixes and deluxe editions which are pretty cool as well. And while you are on their site, check out their music videos, because they are sooooo cool and artistic and fun. God I could blab about this band all day, but ill stop there cuz i think you get the point. Get ready to fall in love with GOLDFISH!!

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