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Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela are an acoustic guitar playing duo from Mexico. The way that they play their guitars is magical. I went and saw them a couple summers ago at the Mile High Music Festival. I had no idea who they were or what to expect, all I knew was that I was hearing a sick cover of the White Stripes Seven Nation Army. As I moved closer to the stage, I realized that it was two people, a man and a women, playing acoustic guitars. I could not believe it. I thought there had to at least be a drummer or some sort of percussion up there, but then I realized that they make the beat with their guitars. Watching Gabriela is amazing, I don’t even understand how her hands are playing the music. It is simply amazing to watch them play and watch their fingers move so quickly to create amazing sounds. Their two main albums, the first is a self titled Rodrigo y Gabriela includes my favorite track Tamacun as well as a few other good ones like Ixtapa, Diablo Rojo, and their famous cover of Stairway to Heaven. Their second album 11:11 features Triveni, 11:11 (a tribute to Pink Floyd), and other cool songs.

So if you are down for some sweet Spanish guitar and cool beats, definitely check out their webpage:

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