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STS9 @ The Belly Up Aspen (New Years)

Seeing STS9 at such a small venue like the Belly Up in aspen which only holds 450 people is pretty amazing. Every time I have seen STS9 in the past it has been at a HUGE venue, like Red Rocks, or Lollapalooza, or the House of Blues in Chicago. So it was amazing to literally be standing right in front of Murph, so close that I could actually touch him, and I probably knocked into him, it was that close. And as you can tell by the setlist, they put on an amazing show. They even snuck in their newest track Scheme which is out for download now, and the rest of the EP comes out this week. And of course they played everyone’s favorite EHM and god was that amazing. Definitely a GREAT way to ring in the new year with STS9. Not too shabby.

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