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Snow Ball Music Festival 2011

I’ve always been a big fan of summer music festivals, but when I heard there was going to be a festival in Vail and in the winter I got super excited. The line-up looked amazing, so obviously I had to go. There was only one factor that I was concerned about and that was SNOW. Now normally at music festivals the weather is too hot and people are barely wearing any clothing. I knew this wouldn’t fly at the Snow Ball, I had to find something to wear that would keep me warm for the whole weekend. And after thinking really hard, I found my answer…..I WOULD BE A BEAR!

So lets get on to the music shall we. Friday we got there just in time to see Zed’s Dead which was soooo good. Those two guys really know how to throw down some massive beats. They played White Satin and Eyes On Fire and all of their best tracks. After that was 12th Planet who seriously threw down super hard. Then on to Laserdisk Sex Party who rock out with Storm Trooper masks on and dropped their new track inspired by Charlie Sheen called Tigerblood which gives a whole new twist to the iPhone ringtone. Next up was Diplo who really mixes it up every time I see him. And then the night ended with Pretty Lights. They played such an amazing set, playing all of the freshly dropped unreleased remixes. The stars were out, and the lights were pretty, and the beats were heavy…it was a great way to start off the weekend.

Saturday we started off our day with Big Gigantic. Those guys are definitely one of my favorite bands right now. Who else can mix electronic beats with live saxophone. I just love me some horns with a beat!! Next up was Sam Adams, then Paper Diamond, then Classixx who really started a fun 80s-esque dance party. Then we watched Lotus from afar so that we could get right back in the tent for SAVOY. And boy was that a good decicion, because Savoy put on the best performance of the weekend. Their lasers were absolutely epicly ridiculous. I have never seen anything like it, and of all the times I have seen Savoy live, this was the ultimate performance. Then after Savoy, we ended our night with a little Bassnectar where he dropped some new tracks including Elephants On Parade and some other cool mixes of Nicki Minaj.

Sunday we started our day out early with some Michal Menert. Although the crowd was small, he put on such a great performance and had everyone dancing. Next up was Brother Ali, even though is blind and albino he still knows how to rock it hard no matter where he is and get the crowd inspired. Next up was Afro Man who obviously played all his best songs like Colt 45 and Because I Got High. Then over to Miami Horror to Portugal. The Man, then Eoto, and then ending our night with a big snow storm during The Flaming Lips. And Wayne Coyne seriously knows how to put on a show, from the fuzzy people on the side of the stage, to the giant ball where he walks out onto the crowd, or the giant hands with lasers coming out of them. It really was the best way to end the weekend with a bang.SaveSaveSave

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