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Summer never really seems to start until I go to Red Rocks. My first show at the rocks this summer was Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) on June 16th. Usually STS9 makes their annual trip to this iconic music venue at the end of the summer, sometimes not until late into September, but this year they came early. Performing the Great Cycle Spectacles, a series of one of kind performances celebrating the end and beginning of the Mayan calendar cycle, they combine a killer light show with an intricate Mayan pyramid that displays images of space and nature.

STS9 came out to begin their first set wearing matching white shirts and white pants. The band normally wears black, but this all white ensemble made it seem like all the members were glowing on stage.

They began their first set with Vapors, a great crowd pleaser to start off the show. Next they played Simulator, a song that they brought out for the first time at Red Rocks last year. Simulator turned into Moonsocket, which is a great track full of heavy bass from David Murphy. Next up was Really Wut, followed by ABCees, followed by an awesome flowing mix of Shock Doctrine>Hidden Hand Hidden Fist>When The Dust Settles>Arigato into an awesome new song which mixed into the end of Empires. They ended their first set with the Mayan inspired song 20-12 which is a magical rush of piano and heavy guitar.

After a brief intermission, they came back for their second set opening with T.W.E.L.V.E mixed right into Inspire Strikes Back which was literally so inspiring. Next up was Peaceblaster 08 >Evasive Maneuvers which blew everyone away causing a massive dance party. Next up was Looking Back on Earth which calmed the crowd down a little, only to pep them right back by playing everyone’s favorite EHM which transitioned into an amazing Hip Hop Remix with bassist, David Murphy dancing around and asking the crowd “you like getting it dirty?” Next up was the faced pacedUnquestionable Supremacy of Nature. They finished up their second set with a mix of March >Scheme >Rent with some Moonsocket bass teases.

Of course they couldn’t end their night there. They came back out for the encore with a brand new song which seemed like they didn’t want to end. Murph even exclaimed to the crowd that they were ”just gonna keep on going”. It was such an epic way to end the Great Cycle Spectacle. What a magical experience, STS9 never disappoints and they always know how to put on a mind-blowing performance.

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