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STS9 Denver Spectacle 2012

STS9 started off their Great Cycle Spectacle tour in Denver this past weekend and I was actually blown away. With a Mayan theme of the apocalypse, the visuals and lights complemented the amazing musical style that is Soundtribe Sector 9. Here is the opening video from the first night with the intro to the great cycle spectacle including their newest song 20-12, which is my absolute favorite song by them.

Setlist: 1/13/2012 Great Cycle Spectacle - Denver, CO

Set 1:Intro > 20-12, Vapors, Looking Back on Earth, Breathe In > Circus, The Rabble, Simulator, Arigato, Kamuy > Drums > The Fog > Kamuy Set 2: Scheme > Rent, Abcees, The Spectacle, Grizzly > Moonsocket, New Song, EHM Encore: F. Word, Aimlessly

Setlist: 1/14/2012 Great Cycle Spectacle - Denver, CO

Set 1: Intro > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Be Nice, Twilight Intro > Shock D, Grow > Vibyl, Golden Gate, From Now On > Interlude > Instantly, When The Dust Settles > Phipps Solo Set 2: The Unquestionable Supremacy Of Nature > Peaceblaster ‘08 > The Unquestionable Supremacy Of Nature, GLOgli, Squares & Cubes, Kaya > Interlude > Atlas, Equinox, MOD, Inspire Strikes Back Encore: What Is Love > Scheme Reprise

STS9 never fails to one-up my expectations. Every time I go to see them the show is better than the last. And each time I think it was the greatest show I’ve ever been to, and then I go to another one and it tops the last one. These guys are absolutely incredible. Their music is so flowing and amazing and when they play live they really know how to capture their audience and get the vibe going. If you have never seen them live before, you seriously need to check out, you wont regret it, they will change your life.

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