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North Coast 2012 After Parties preview


After spending your whole day in Union Park at North Coast Music Festival, sometimes you just don’t want the party to end at 10pm. Well lucky for you, there are after shows at a few various venues in the city where some of the top performers can play a longer extra set. If you don’t want to go home right after the festival, check out some of these after shows, you wont regret it.


Girl Talk, Zion I, DJ Intel @ Congress

Girl Talk has wowed audiences with his mash-ups since 2006. He effortlessly combines beats, lyrics, and flow from different songs in all different genres to create a new amazing and fun song to dance to. His stage presence is so much fun, even though he is constantly on his computer mixing and mashing different songs, he never stops moving and dancing to the beat. He allows as many fans as can fit onto his stage to dance around him and his laptop as he fires away new and old beats.

Zion I is an amazing hip hop duo that has been around since the late nineties. With hits such as Coastin, Silly Puddy, Finger Pain, and Caged Bird, these two know how to rock a crowd. Guaranteed you will have fun at this show, even if you think you don’t know any of the songs, Girl Talk is sure to pop in a few of your new and old favorites, and Zion I will surprise you with their soothing and fun hip hop classics.

Midnight Conspiracy, Nit Grit, AbdeCaf, Manic Focus @ HOB

This dubstep duo has quite a stage presence. They perform inside of an eye which is inside of a LED pyramid, and as they perform an intense laser show ensues. It is quite a spectacle that you don’t want to miss. You have to see these guys at least once, their laser show is equal to (if not better than) Ghostland Observatory or Savoy.


Dan Deacon, DJ La Jesus @ Cobra Lounge

Dan Deacon is an american electronic composer. He is most well known for his live shows where he plays on level with the audience and allows them to dance all around him. It is a very interactive experience. You may have heard his name before from Liam Lynch’s youtube viral video ‘Drinking Out of Cups’, which is a very strange video of someones recorded voice (who sounds like they are on an acid trip) coming out of a digital lizard. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, it is quite interesting. But Deacon’s show is guaranteed to be a fun dance party.

Felix Da Housecat, Zebo, Porn N Chicken @ Bottom Lounge

Felix Da Housecat hails from our hometown of Chicago. He is an electroclash house DJ. He has been around since the 90s creating fresh beats, even remixing some great songs by Passion Pit, Britney Spears, The Chemical Brothers, Madonna, and my personal favorite Nina Simone’s Sinnerman.

Doctor P, Eoto, Lobounce @ Congress

Doctor P is an English dubstep producer who has recorded with and toured alongside Flux Pavilion. He brings in some heavy bass and you wont be disappointed by his jams. Lobounce calls his style of music ’drippy bass’, as it is a combination of hip-hop, funk, and electronic. His unique flair puts an original twist on EDM, and yet his beats still drive everyone to dance and dance hard. And finally Eoto, consisting of the two drummers from The String Cheese Incident, these two use looping to create a new sound in dubstep. These guys bring a whole new fresh set of eyes to the dubstep industry and create some amazing sounds with a little influence from the jam band scene. You would never believe these guys are from SCI with their new brand of dubstep, but you will love it no matter what.

STS9, Future Rock @ HOB

STS9 always puts on an amazing show. Hailing from Georgia, these psychedelic rockers bring some essence of the Mayan end of the world into their groovy jams. Combining their instruments with a little help from laptop technology, these guys can create some amazing sounds and put out amazing vibes. And with Chicago natives Future Rock opening for these guys you are guaranteed to have a blast. Future Rock is a trio of bass guitar, synthesizer, and drums, and these guys really kill it. This whole night will be a fun experience of rock plus new technology to create a whole new genre, which I guess we can just call future rock. Don’t miss this one!!


Grizmatik (Gramatik & Griz), The M Machine, Paul Basic @ HOB

Dubstep producers Griz and Gramatik have joined together to create Grizmatik. These two combine their heavy dub jams together to create a whole new musical genius. The two vibe off of each other to create brand new heavy beats that everyone can dance to. Also joining them is The M Machine off of Skrillex’s label OWSLA, a electronic duo from San Francisco who perform on top of a giant LED ’M’ which is synced to the music. And Paul Basic hailing from Colorado is on Pretty Lights Music Label, so you know that his beats have to be fresh and hard hitting. This will be a great dance party with some awesome up and coming talent from the EDM industry.

Rebirth Brass Band, Dumpstaphunk @ Bottom Lounge

Hailing from New Orleans, this group, which looks a little like a school marching band, combines traditional New Orleans brass band music with funk, jazz, soul, and hip hop. Dumpstaphunk is another New Orleans group creating some modern southern funk. Consisting of the sons of one of the Neville Brothers, these guys were born with talent and it really shows through in their music.

Umphrey’s McGee @ Congress

Who can’t resist the smooth jams and heavy rock from Chicago natives Umphrey’s McGee. These guys know how to throw on an epic show, covering a few key songs as well as playing all the crowd’s favorites. Although considered part of the jam band scene, these guys are more like progressive improvisation, or as they call it 'improg’, they draw their influences from bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis, as well as a little heavy metal influence like Iron Maiden and a little Led Zeppelin. These guys can start with a smooth jam and evolve into some heavy rock. These guys are a must-see, they’re shows are always full of energy and fun. If you didn’t get enough of them on Saturday night, make sure you get tickets to their after show Sunday.

Steve Angello @ The Mid

One member of The Swedish House Mafia, this Swedish DJ will blow your mind. Busting out some epic club bangers, this guy knows how to throw a party. If you are at all into SHM, then you should definitely check out Steve Angello, he will not disappoint. Considered part of the progressive house genre, you will feel like you are dancing in the club at his show, and you will not want to stop dancing.

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