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SAVOY @ Red Rocks Recap

After attending personal record number of shows at Red Rocks this summer (7), I couldn’t let the summer end when I saw that Savoy & Krewella (and Lotus & Eoto) were playing the first weekend of September. I knew that this was going to be the show of the summer, and I was right.

We got into Red Rocks just in time to see Robotic Pirate Monkey. They killed it after just releasing their newest EP ‘Heat.wav’. Next up were the girls I was waiting for, I had never seen Krewella, I missed them when they played at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks earlier in the summer. These girls know how to bring it HARD! Twin Sisters: Yasmine and Jahan and Rainman make up this trio, and all three of them combine to create some of the sickets beats and heaviest drops as well as cool vocals that make you wanna dance, and dance HARD. Next up was Sofi who has recorded and toured with Deadmau5, she had some awesome sexy dance moves as she sang her heart out.

FInally it was time for the lazer show. SAVOY came out with old favorites as well as tracks off their new EP ‘Supertrail’, which became instant hits with the crowd. My personal favorite new track was ‘Senator’ which they mixed with ‘Fok Julle Naaiers’ by South African duo Die Antwoord. The beats mashed up so well and it was so crazy to hear a sick song you would never expect to hear from Savoy. But the real star of the show was Heather Bright who came out and sang her new songs with Savoy that are on the new EP: ‘More’ and ‘So Bad’, as well ‘We Are The Sun’ which was released earlier in the year. Her skin tight outfit, purple hair, and mesmerizing dance moves awed the crowd, and when she came out behind a curtain for the finale her shadow was absolutely magical. It was such a spectacular show!

Be sure to check out where SAVOY will be on their Live with Lasers tour!! It is a show that you SHOULD NOT MISS! These guys are so amazing to see live, it is a nonstop party that will blow your mind.

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