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Justin Timberlake took his 20/20 Experience Tour through California over Thanksgiving and did not di

As the lights were brought down, the screams from the audience got louder. Not just louder, but the loudest screams and cheers I have ever heard at a show. Perhaps it is his falsetto voice or his sexy suit and tie, but he has some really dedicated fans, from the young teeny-boppers of today, to the past teeny-boppers of the 90s who remember him as the frontman for N*Sync. And all of these ladies have some pipes and screamed their hearts out throughout the entire show, interspersed of course with singing all of the lyrics to everyone of his songs.

JT and a full band featuring horns, piano, drums, guitar, back-up singers, and back-up dancers, rose up from under the stage for a dramatic start. Dressed in a black suit, always dressed to impress, he started the show out strong, playing all his favorite hits of today and throughout his career. Senorita, Sexyback, Mirrors, TKO, Holy Grail, and Carry Out were some of the favorite tracks of the crowd. A very luscious black woman standing in front of me knew every word to every song and danced the entire night, always looking back and around her to make sure everyone else was having a great time and singing along. She had so much energy, and so did everyone else at the show.

Of course it was mostly women in attendance, I mean what woman doesn’t love JT’s sexy high voice and smooth dance moves. But I didn’t realize how skewed the ratio was until my guy friend tried to find a men’s bathroom and realized that the venue had converted all the men’s rooms into women’s. He had to walk all the way around the stadium before he found the only men’s room in the entire place. Maybe thats why the screams were all so piercing and left my ears ringing all night, there were no low male screams to be heard or balance out the high pitched squeals that rang out all night. There was one other guy standing near me during the show. Sporting a Flosstradamus hat and smoking a vaporizer pen, I originally thought that he was only here because his girlfriend was a fan, but as the night continued on, and JT played for 3 hours, he was up on his feet the whole time singing every word while his girlfriend was tired and sat most of the time. It was great to see that even the guys could have a fun time.

JT took a 15 minute intermission, as he explained, because he’s “getting old.” But it was a well needed intermission as everyone was a little winded from singing and dancing during the first half. When he came back out, he had on a new suit and tie outfit. This time scratching the all black look and going for the blue jacket. He really does know how to bring sexy back.

The second set was even more exciting than the first. Part of the stage rose up in the air and traveled all the way across the audience, as Justin and dancers danced over everyone’s heads. It was quite a sight! The stage finally stopped when it got to the other side of the stadium, and JT was able to serenade all the fans who didn’t think they had purchased close up seats. He even came down off of the stage and into the middle of the crowd for an acoustic sing-along. He even covered a few tracks in the middle of the crowd including Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis and a track by legendary Michael Jackson. All in all it was quite an experience….a 20/20 Experience if you will. Definitely a show that I would recommend seeing. I am so used to bands and DJ’s performing and relying mostly on their music and the visuals to get the crowd going, but I forgot about real performers, dancing and singing and getting the crowd involved in the show.

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