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Pretty Lights - I Know The Truth

It’s the summer anthem from Pretty Lights, ‘I Know the Truth’. It’s got an amazing classic yet modern feel. Pretty Lights calls it ‘It’s my first attempt at producing in a new style I like to call Analog Electronica. It’s modern electronic music production created with an aproach based on techniques from 40-50 years ago’. Some people give him shit because of sampling stuff, so now that he’s making the sounds, I’m sure he’s going to break onto some even bigger levels. It’s really got an organic sound, powered with bass.

Earlier in the summer I saw Pretty Lights at Red Rocks and boy was it an amazing show. I have seen Pretty Lights many times now over the years and every time I see Derek Vincent Smith perform, each show tops the last. He has recently been getting a little harder and heavier, leaving his lighter songs behind. This years show at Red Rocks was one of his hardest yet. He played the new song I Know the Truth as well as Pink Floyd’s Time and his new summer mix Summer Time which blends a little Sublime into the mix. The light show was absolutely amazing, the towers of lights completely surrounding him. It was quite a show that he put on.

Skream, Michal Menert, and Gramatik all performed as well. Skream mostly covered other peoples songs, such as Benny Benassi’s Cinema, Rusko’s Hold On, and even Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name Of. But he really got the crowd into it. Next up was Gramatik who always throws down. When you listen to his music on your ipod it sounds rather chill and relaxed, but when he performs he really throws down some heavy beats, turning those calm beats into some super electro dance grooves. And then was Michal Menert who played his lovely Tomorrow May Never Come. All in all the entire show was really something, the energy of the crowd as well as the artists was so vibrant.

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