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Deadmau5 Live @ The Congress Theater, Chicago 10/22/10

I’ve seen Deadmau5 four times now. The first time was Lollapalooza two years ago where he played at set at the Perry Stage. I was just getting into that kinda music at the time, and the show really brought me in. He is just so good at knowing when to drop the beat, its hard not to get pulled in and start whomping. The second time I saw him was at the Congress last year which is such a big venue but he really held it down in Chicago. Then I saw him at Coachella where he busted out the CUBE for the first time. I was wayy to close to the front to really appreciate the cube, but hey I still managed to have an awesome time.

Anyways, last weekend I was lucky enough to go see Deadmau5 again at the Congress and this time it was sooooo cool. I went with a couple of friends, all of whom are mildly obsessed with Deadmau5, as am I. There were sooo many people there, and giant mau5 heads were floating around the crowd all night. He started out the night playing Some Chords, one of his newest songs. And continued to play all of his hits. It was so much fun. Deadmau5 has really risen and taken off, not just in the electro world, but also in the pop world. He dj’d the MTV Music Video Awards which was totally cool, and he’s been all over the radio and bringing in a whole new following. Obviously if you get a chance to go see Deadmau5, its definitely worth it. The light show is amazing, the background graphics are soo cool, and DUH his cube is crazy…at one point in the night it turned into a Rubik’s Cube, haha. <Have you seen the continuum transfunctioner?>

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