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Decadence New Years Eve

Decadence NYE in Denver was put on by Triad Dragons who also put on Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheater. So you had to know that the lineup was going to be killer in the EDM scene. And boy was that an understatement. Some of the honorable mentions are Wolfgang Gartner, who absolutely killed it with his progressive house beats, and even a few fun remixes thrown in there, even though he had one of the earlier set times, starting at 8:15. Also Paul Basic off of Pretty Lights Music threw down hard playing his signature track Daydream. But it was Flosstradamus who really stole the show, mixing rap songs with heavy heavy dub beats. Wearing a white hoodie, he seemed to glow from the stage as strobe lights flashed behind him. His set was so loud, everyone after that sounded a little soft, maybe its because my ear drums were shot, but boy was I surprised at how hard of a set he threw down.

Held at the Colorado Convention Center, there were two stages, the Global Dance Arena which was hosted by the Triad Dragons and the Global Dub Arena put on by Sub.Mission. The Dance stage was right as you walked in and wa underneath a huge chandelier which lit up with the music. The lineup consisted of Joman, Jontron, Wolfgang Gartner, Ecotek, Krewella, ATB, and Rudee. The Dub stage was in a different room, with a whole canopy of string lights that also changed with the music, with an epic lineup of Dodger, Supreme, Fury & MC Dino, Paul Basic, Flosstradamus, Mimosa, and Zeds Dead. Both stages had such great lineups, it was really hard to choose which artists to see, since many great people overlapped.

To ring in the new year, Krewella was playing in the Global Dance Arena and Mimosa was playing in the Global Dub Arena. Mimosa was throwing down his hardest tracks, mostly some new trap songs including a 2 Chains remix. But it was Krewella who absolutely stole the show. Playing underneath the glowing chandelier, the girls and Rainman brought a laser party to add to their heavy banger beats. Dropping all of their hit tracks, which lets be honest is ALL of their songs, they also threw down Knife Party and some remixes off their new Player Harder EP. It was so much fun as the countdown begun and midnight struck and balloons and confetti came falling on top of peoples heads.

After midnight, the show was far from over, there were still many acts to come. But the ones who threw down the hardest and started out 2013 right were Zeds Dead. They played everything from White Satin, to Bassmentality, to Coffee Break, to Unda Yuh Skirt, to everyone’s favorite featuring Omar Linx, Out For Blood. Finishing off the night with Eyes on Fire and a remix of Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze which was pretty epic. Zeds Dead always throws down super hard, it was so fun to see them really have fun with it and start the new year with all the best tracks.

It was such an amazing show, actually I wouldn’t even call it a show as much as I would call it an experience. The whole night was magical, from the lights to the music, to the dancing, to the fans. Even though it didn’t have a huge lineup like Lights All Night or BassLights, it was still a great show of EDM underdogs. It was a great way to dance your way into 2013.

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