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What better way to ring in the new year than with Soundtribe Sector 9. With a three night run, STS9 celebrated the new year at the Fillmore in Denver. With three nights of music, the band was able to spice up their regular setlist covering all bases of their discography, and spread it out with new and old additions.

The first night began with Breath In, setting the tone that the night was going to be a chill and funky start to the weekend. Next up, Monkey Music getting the crowd amped knowing tonight would be full of old jams. A few more goodies in the first set were Mobsters, Empires, Be Nice, We’ll Meet In Our Dreams, and Tokyo. Ending the first set strong with Frequencies 2&3. We could not have asked for a better way to start the weekend and end the year. Keeping their Mayan temple styled LED lights up for display during the intermission, they kept the groovy beats playing while everyone could grab a fresh beer and get ready for the second set. Coming back they played Really Wut? Then Evasive Maneuvers into Kamuy into an amazing rendition of the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil which got everyone singing along and cheering out their ’Woo Woos’ at the chorus. They played a hard second set with F. Word, Grow, Moonsockets, and So It Goes, and ending with an encore of Somesingwhich turned full circle back into Breath In. Wow, what a strong first night, I knew that the second and third night would be progressively better.

Night two started out hard with MOD into Golden Gate, and they really got the crowd going when they played When The Dust Settles with some crazy looking LED background lights as well as a strong light show from Saxton. They finished out the first set with Blu Mood, Circus, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, and Rent. Once again, the night was starting out great, and we knew that the second set could only bring more great tunes and cool visuals. Starting back strong with Metameme, then Beyond Right Now into a funky Scheme Reprise which got everyone jamming and grooving to the beat. Then they shocked everyone by playing some Daft Punk, Robot Rock which got the whole crowd bouncing and dancing like robots. Next up was Inspire Strikes Back, Shock Doctrine, Instantly, and What Is Love. They finished out their second night with an encore of Equinox.

The third and final night, New Years Eve was going to end the whole weekend with a bang, literally. The last night of their three night run as well as the last night of the year, you know they were going to show the crowd an awesome time. Starting off with Musical Story Yes into my personal favorite as well as a theme song for the year 20-12 the momentum of the evening was only just starting. Next up was Arigato, Scheme, Grizzly, Vapors, Simulator, and ending the first set with ABCees. The second set was gearing up to be strong as it would ring in the new year with over three thousand fans. Coming back with a new song called End Titles, then a Jamiroquai song Revolution into the countdown with Kool and the Gang’s Celebration to celebrate the new year. Next up was Kaya into a song inspired by the Bloody Beetroots into The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, then GLOgli, and ending the set with Looking Back on Earth, EHM, and March. And coming back with an encore to end the whole weekend and begin a new year with T.W.E.L.V.E. (which was the theme of the weekend) and finally Wika Chikana.

Soundtribe never ceases to amaze me. Every time I see them live their shows are better than the last. Their setlist is always changing, and yet they can always gain the support of the audience no matter what they play. I think its because every single one of their songs is a great one. Its hard to find a band like that, who never plays a track you don’t like, because they only have epic tracks. At the end of each night, the crowd was ecstatic and full of love. What a way to spend my New Years, I hope that 2013 will bring me as much joy and happiness as 2012 did. Thank you STS9!!

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