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Pretty Lights - Glowing in the Darkest Night

Once again, Pretty Lights has come out with a new EP, Glowing In The Darkest Night. The third installment of their summer EP series, and their 6th album. This one is a little more chill, but still has some groovin’ beats. They played Gold Coast Hustle when they played at North Coast Festival In Chicago. It was pretty cool that a small Colorado band could have such a strong following in Chicago, and its even greater that they recognized it and created a song about Chicago. Although I’m sure that not many people outside of the Chi will even realize that the song is about Chicago, but for those of us who live in the Gold Coast, I know we’re all proud!! With only 8 tracks on the album it’s hard to pick out my favorites, since all of them are good. In fact, I can’t really think of a single Pretty Lights song that I don’t like. So if you haven’t already, head to and download the new EP. Plus they have a mix of all the openers on their tour this fall for free download, so you should defs check that out and get to know some new artists like Chali 2na (from Jurassic 5), Elliott Lipp, Michael Minert (who is on PL’s label), Vibesquad, Gramatik, Blockhead, and more.

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