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STS9 @ Summer Camp Music Festival 2011

We got to Summer Camp just in time to see STS9 perform. After we set up our tent and got all settled, we headed over to the main stage not knowing what to expect. It was night time and really dark so we had no idea where we were or where we were going, but we just followed the crowd over to this HUGE stage that was at the bottom of this hill. STS9 came out and started out strong. THe lights were amazing, the crowd was really feeling it and loving it. There was a whole group of hula hoopers whose hulas were all lit up so you could just see all these different spinning lit up circles. It was pretty magical. By the end I wasnt even really sure what was going on. It felt like we were all in the movie Avatar, and STS9 was our pandora mother earth tree or whatever and everyone was plugging in and swaying and dancing around just feeling the groove of the music. There were even some people holding up these glowing umbrella jelly fish looking things, so I swear I wasn’t making up all of this Avatar shit. God what an amazing performance. And to end the night off with Scheme right after EHM was just unreal. Such a fun way to start off the Summer Camp Fest!!

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