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shows I’ve been to this winter (2011)

Deadmau5 @ Congress Theater, Chicago

Deadmau5 is always epic. This was my second time seeing him at the Congress and that place is just so huge it is really great to see him there, inside his LED cube, so crazy. And everyone in Chicago gets really into making mau5 heads, its pretty crazy!

Sam Adams, Savoy, Skrillex

Now this was a fun week. Going to three shows three days in a row during a week while I was working may not have been the best idea, but the shows were all really fun. Savoy obviously was great, and Skrillex really threw down hard for being in such a small venue.

STS9, New Years

I could not have asked for a better way to spend my new years than at the STS9 show. It was so great to see them at such a small venue, cuz I am so used to seeing them at huge places like Red Rocks.

Redman & Method Man, X-Games

These guys always put on an awesome show. They really work off each other so well and really hype up the crowd. They are hilarious and just so much fun. I mean who doesn’t love to be 2 inches from Red & Meth and constantly giving fist bumps while singing Da Rockwilder.

O.A.R., X-Games

The VIP concert at the X-Games this year was OAR. ANd boy what a shocker, and the show was soooo much fun. I mean who doesn’t love a good sing-a-long to It Was A Crazy Game Of Poker.

Big Gigantic

This winter I got really into Big Gigantic. They became my number 1 band to listen to while snowboarding and while driving….which are pretty much the only times I listen to music. So I was listening to them a lot. And seeing them for the first time at the belly up and being so close to their awesome LED cube set up was just so amazing. ANd watching him play that damn saxophone is just mind blowing. They are so talented.

Faux Punk

Hey if Daft Punk isn’t going to tour, I shouldn’t have to just sit around and wait. Not when there’s a perfectly good cover band called Faux Punk! ANd hey, they put on those helmets and you cant even tell its not the real thing. And when they bang out every awesome Daft Punk song all night long, you can’t help but to just dance it out.

Umphrey’s McGee

These Chicago boys really know how to throw down. I’m not surprised that Colorado absolutely loves them. Their shows are so much fun and filled with so many lights its simply beautiful to hear and watch.

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