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Eco Music Festival 2011

When I first heard that Snowmass was going to host a new music festival and the Disco Biscuits were going to headline it, I couldn’t believe it. But sure enough, not only was Bisco coming, but so was Perpetual Groove, Tea Leaf Green, Leftover Salmon, and RJD2. Now this lineup really got me stoked. Bisco and P Groove playing in my hometown….on the same day….on the mountain?! AWESOME!

Unfortunately I started my day off a little late, missing Tea Leaf Green, and catching the end of Leftover Salmon. But luckily I got there right in time to see Perpetual Groove. And WOW. Seriously, no other words need to describe them besides, WOW! They started off their set with Three Weeks, followed by Temperance, then Drink Then Fill. And then they completely blew my mind by playing one of my absolute favorite songs by rock lengends The Who, Eminence Front. They continued their epic performance with We Are Your Friends, TTFPJ, All My Friends, and ended it with At the Screen. WOW, what an awesome performance. Their guitarist is simply amazing, his fingers work like magic!

Next up was RJD2. They were a nice change in genre as we watched the sun set down over the mountains. They played all of their best songs (Ghostwriter, The Final Frontier, The Horror, Smoke and Mirrors….) but added a little twist to each one. But as the sun finally set over Fanny Hill, it was time for the Bisco Inferno to begin.

Disco Biscuits started out strong with Morph, then Rockafella, then Munchkin Invasion which morphed into Ladies then back into Munchkin Invasion to end their first set. After a quick intermission, they came back for their second set starting with Mindless Dribble which morphed into an EPIC Astronaut which then turned into I-Man and back into Astronaut. That got the crowd really jamming, and of course I was right there in the front row, waving my little blue humming bird back and forth to the awesome beat. Next they went into Portal to an Enemy Head, then Rock Candy, then finishing up with I-Man. As the crowd chanted ’ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!’ they came right back to finish up with an encore of World Is Spinning. Seeing the Biscuits at such a small venue (well maybe not small venue since it was on the ski slope, but not a lot of people were there) and right up close was seriously amazing. I have seen them before, but always from far away to enjoy the light show. But this time, being right up in the front row, it was such an amazing experience.

Boy, what an epic day of music. I could not have asked for a better festival experience. Laying out in the sun on Fanny Hill, listening to some beautiful music and dope jams. What a great day!

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