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What a truly amazing band. I can’t think of a single RATATAT song that I don’t like. Whether you are choosing from their first self titled album Ratatat or Classics, or from one of their new albums LP3and LP4, or even from either of their 2 remix albums I could pick out a number of awesome songs. This electro-rock music duo has truly won over my heart, I could listen to it all the time. Their smooth beats and funky electric guitars just create some amazing instrumental works of musical genius. Ok ok im may be going a little overboard, but man do I LOOOOVE RATATAT

Here are some of my favorite tracks by album (the ones in bold are my top 5):

  • Seventeen Years (Ratatat)

  • El Pico (Ratatat)

  • Crips (Ratatat)

  • Desert Eagle (Ratatat)

  • Laplan (Ratatat)

  • Germany to Germany (Ratatat)

  • Spanish Armada (Ratatat)

  • Montanita (Classics)

  • Lex (Classics)

  • Gettysburg (Classics)

  • Wildcat (Classics)

  • Tropicana (Classics)

  • Loud Pipes (Classics)

  • Kennedy (Classics)

  • Swisha (Classics)

  • Falcon Jab (LP3)

  • Mi Viejo (LP3)

  • Drugs (LP4)

  • Party With Children (LP4)

  • Grape Juice City (LP4)

All of their remixes are pretty sweet if you really like rap. They mix all of their good songs with the best rap songs including artists such as Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West, The Game, Ludacris, Missy Elliott, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and more.

They also are featured in two songs on Kid Cudi’s album Man On The Moon. The songs are really great, they are called: Alive and Pursuit of Happiness. Definitely download all of these tracks, you wont regret it. And if you want to check out their website for videos and tour info, check it out:

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