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Bassnectar 10/23/10 Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center

Last weekend I traveled to Broomfield, CO to attend the first annual BassFest. Included in the performers were That One Guy, Emancipator, Dan Deacon, Brother Ali, and the headliner, BASSNECTAR. The whole festival was pretty cool, there were people walking around on stilts dressed up like zebras and butterflies. There were so many people there, and I ran into sooooo many old friends, it was insane.

That One Guy – if you haven’t heard of him, I’d say his name is a pretty good description of himself. “Did you see That One Guy who plays that crazy magical pipe instrument?” O ya, did I mention that he plays this CRAZY instrument that he made called his magical pipe. Its pretty cool, I don’t quite understand how it works, but its awesome to watch him perform cuz he gets really into it and creates a sick beat that can start you bouncing.

Brother Ali is always awesome. Now what was a rapper doing at a BassFest you ask? Well he addressed that question when he came out on stage, saying that he was just there to put on a show and have a good time, and I think all the little whompers had a really fun time, especially when he started playing Uncle Sam Goddamn and Forest Whitaker.

Then finally around 11:30, after about 4 or 5 hours of dancing and enjoying the music, Bassnectar finally came on stage, playing an amazing show. He really knows how to rock a house. The whole venue was totally packed and everyone had their glow sticks and glow gloves and any other kind of glow instrument that you could imagine and was bouncing to the beat. Playing songs like Gold Dust, the newest track Wildstyle Method, Magical World, Seek & Destroy, 808 Track, and of courseBASSHEAD, he really put on an awesome show that I KNOW everyone seriously enjoyed. The lights were so cool and trippy and the music just made everyone super pumped and able to dance until well past 3am.

It was such a fun show, I cant wait till next year’s BassFest, I’m totally going, who’s coming with me??

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